Hi There,

Welcome to eHerbalist, a site for self-healing and development. 


When malignant cancer stuck my brother this year I focused my compulsive research into ways to increase the odds and came across quite a few either under-researched or otherwise largely unknown medicines (most interesting to me were beta-gulcan mushrooms and CBD/THC). Today I am happy to report he seems to be making a full recovery and we're just waiting on some final scans to breathe a sigh of relief. 

I created this eHerb in order to pass on the information and make more accessible healthier alternatives to pharmaceuticals. You may find a strange selection of products on the site but each is something I have found useful in my journey. Whether a specific condition, general pain or cognitive enhancing I hope you get some value out of this site.  In the future, I hope to be able to make even more medicine available to New Zealanders and cut out the hefty price tags that usually accompany them. 


The products we provide are not magic bullets, those are hard to come by.   Instead, they give another piece of the puzzle building a healthier you. 

Thanks for being here

- Stephen Coombe